CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS (C-A-T) is a journey through six illustrated virtual worlds by Berlin-based Singapore-born artist Reza Hasni. Use W A S D or your arrow keys to navigate, and spacebar to jump. C-A-T is best experienced on desktop.

To begin,

  1. customise and upload your coloured consciousness in an avatar,
  2. roam freely,
  3. interact with other visitors.

C-A-T is a nod to the idea that while individuals may face social experiences together, they have different paths and encounters -- informed by their personal context.

Built completely virtually during the COVID-19 lockdown, the experience embodies ideas of altered togetherness. It may take some into a deeper examination of our physical and digital worlds, as well as the dualities that lie within.

In 2020, C-A-T marked Reza Hasni’s second solo exhibition, allowing friends and fans to gather online, even send each other postcards.

In 2021, C-A-T travelled to 宀 (Mihn) Gallery Hong Kong and a “Lucky Cat” motif was built into the experience

August 2023: this edition of C-A-T world was developed with PORT CITY 2.0, as part of Singapore Night Festival at Peranakan Museum.

C-A-T is developed by interaction designer Siah Tiong Hong (Screensavers), with sound by Tengo La Firma and storytelling by curator-founder Tulika Ahuja (MAMA MAGNET).

To bring the experience into your world, purchase an archival art print via the SHOP page.

Questions or comments? Email producer@rezahasni.net


Artwork by Reza Hasni @reza.hasni

Interactive web design by Screensavers @screensavers.studio

Sound design by Tengo La Firma @tengolafirma. Featured are tracks by Evaa, Yessi Perse, Piano Princess, Kablam x Massacooram, Dirty k, Gabber Modus Operandi, Shayu, El PLVYBXY, Shyqa, Mala York, Merci Jitter, BoyGirl, Eterna, Evita Manji, Dj Corpmane, Marcel Dune, Wulffluw, Dj Ruan, Cedric Madden.

Curated by Mama Magnet @mama.magnet

Special thanks to our fine art print partner Brilliant Prints @brilliantprints, artist collaborator Degeha @deggeha, and to Laura Zhang and Brenda Tan for nurturing C-A-T to tangible forms

Supported by National Arts Council's Digital Presentation Grant (2020)