CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS (C-A-T) is a cyber journey through six virtual worlds illustrated by Reza Hasni. You are invited to upload your consciousness in an avatar, then roam freely or interact with other visitors. The experience is a nod to the idea that while we may sometimes face social situations together, we often perceive our encounters differently - informed by personal contexts. C-A-T is a centre for visitors to connect with this phenomenon of altered togetherness. Further, it may lead some into a deeper examination of the dynamic relationship between our physical and digital worlds, as well as the dualities that lie within.

C-A-T is Reza Hasni’s second solo exhibition, developed in collaboration with interactive designer Siah (Screensavers), sound designer Tengo La Firma and curator Tulika Ahuja (MAMA MAGNET). To bring the experience into the physical, purchase a fine art print via the SHOP page or send a postcard from C-A-T to anywhere in the world for free.

CENTRE FOR ALTERED TOGETHERNESS is open for all until 31 December 2020.

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Artwork by Reza Hasni @reza.hasni

Interactive design by Screensavers @screensavers

Sound design by Tengo La Firma @tengolafirma. Featured are tracks by Evaa, Yessi Perse, Piano Princess, Kablam x Massacooram, Dirty k, Gabber Modus Operandi, Shayu, El PLVYBXY, Shyqa, Mala York, Merci Jitter, BoyGirl, Eterna, Evita Manji, Dj Corpmane, Marcel Dune, Wulffluw, Dj Ruan, Cedric Madden.

Curated by MAMA MAGNET @mama.magnet

Special thanks to our fine art print partner Brilliant Prints @brilliantprints and artist collaborator Degeha @deggeha

Supported by National Arts Council